ACRALOCK Structural Methacrylate Adhesives, solve engineering challenges through innovate formulations that provide durable bonding solutions. Engineered Bonding Solutions has uniquely developed a broad range of products that do not require priming on plastics, composites and especially metals. Allowing for structural bonding of similar or dissimilar assemblies, where the right balance between strength, durability, chemical and temperature resistance combined with as less surface preparation as possible. Acralock adhesives are available with short to long working times and all are rapid curing at room temperature to increase assembly throughput.

ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives by Engineered Bonding Solutions offers a unique MMA based product line with the broadest physical performance range, covering all possible structural bonding applications and provides the best performing, longest lasting bonded assemblies.

High Flexibility / Low Strength (400% E / 6 mPa) to substitute flexible 2 component Polyurethane systems.

Medium Flexibility / Medium Strength (100-250% E / 10-20 mPa) to substitute 2 component Polyurethane systems and classic 10:1 MMA systems.

Low Flexibility / High Strength (30-80% E / 20-35 mPa) to substitute 2 component Epoxy systems and classic 1:1 MMA systems.

These characteristics, combined with higher peel resistance, similar creep resistance, much higher fatique resistance compared with PUs and Epoxies on most substrates make Acralock the best choice.

However, when you also consider higher chemical, thermal and cataplasma cycle resistance on most metal surfaces, then it is clear. ACRALOCK provides the best performing, most durable bonded structural assemblies!