ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives by Engineered Bonding Solutions are advanced, two component structural methacrylate adhesives.

Designed to bond chemically to most surfaces, providing a permanently locked or integrated assembly of metals, engineered plastics, high performance composites and other materials with little to no preparation and rapid cure time.

Our manufacturing center, EBS LLC, located in Titusville, Florida, features state of the art mixing and packaging equipment.

Our European Headquarter, EBS GmbH in Austria, features state of the art storage and packaging equipment as well as a full equipped application engineering laboratory.

Our latest formulations are designed to provide very tough and durable bonds with high shear strength and elongation properties from a low elongation/high strength side to high elongation/medium strength side.

This makes the Acralock adhesive range the best choice for applications that need to withstand harsh environmental and shockload conditions.

EBS GmbH offers you
6sigma black belt and DIN6701/A1
certified bonding and testing expertise

We are EN ISO 9001:2015 certified for
Development, Testing, Manufacturing and Sales of
Adhesives, Dispensing Equipment and Dispensing Accessories